“You must have so many patients yet the care and concern expressed made me feel that you really care. This has been the feeling we have had since the very beginning of nearly four years of visits to you and treatment given by you. The regular appointments to see you throughout the four years have always been such a help to me as well. I saved up all the awkward questions I couldn’t ask anyone else and you always gave straight answers, but in your lovely comforting optimistic way. I don’t know how often patients tell you what a difference you make to a difficult time of their lives, but I am telling you now. Thank you.”
Mrs D, Kent

“Mr Simon Bailey is first class in every way and I should recommend him.”
BUPA Patient

“I just wanted to thank you, as does my husband and my family, for your excellent care of me and my tummy over the last two months. Your diagnosis was obviously spot on and the procedures you carried out.”
Mrs H, Kent

“Thank you all for your hard work on my operation last year. I am still doing all the things I did before my operation. All my treatment at your hospital was of the highest standard in every regard.”
Mr R, Sussex

“Thank you for always being so unbelievably helpful.”
Mrs H, Sevenoaks

“Mr Bailey was excellent and if, and I hope never, I was in this situation again I would not want anybody else but Mr Bailey. His total calmness just made things easier for me to cope with.”
BUPA Patient

“I just wanted to thank you for all your help and consideration during my spate of medical experiences. These factors gave me great comfort during these times of travail! Many thanks it was so reassuring.”
Mr P, East Sussex

“I really don’t know how to begin to thank you for everything you’ve done to improve my quality of life. Your care was outstanding and I know I wouldn’t be feeling as great today without you and your team.”
Ms W, Kent

“Mr Bailey is excellent, always. He treats me as an intelligent human being, has a great sense of humour, he inspires confidence.”
BUPA Patient

“May I take this opportunity to thank yourself and the nursing staff who attended to me during my recent visit to KIMS Hospital.”
Mr H, Maidstone

“We just wanted to thank you once again. Without your wonderful skill and dedication, I’m sure I wouldn’t be here today. Your understanding and down to earth ways I am sure helped me cope with my cancer and I know you will help a lot more people. The staff that helped me, showed how much they cared and for that we will always be grateful. Thank you so much.”
Mr & Mrs S, Kent