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Mr Simon Bailey is a respected General, Colorectal and Laparoscopic Surgeon specialising in all forms of endoscopy, general and complex benign/cancer surgery. He operates in hospitals that offer first class care, to ensure that patients receive the best possible experience and outcomes.
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AnonymousJanuary 2023
“Such a charming man. Understood everything he said and explained everything clearly. Felt he wasn’t rushed or hurried in any way and was willing to listen and answer the questions.”
BUPA Patient2023
“Mr Bailey is excellent, always. He treats me as an intelligent human being, has a great sense of humour, he inspires confidence.
Anonymous May 2023
“Top guy! To the point and very professional, but with a feel of care, not just getting you in and then on your way without a care.”
AnonymousDecember 2022
“Mr Simon Bailey explained his procedure clearly to me and showed me the results as the inspection was happening. His team were friendly and efficient.”